2019 Zodiac Forecast: Your fortune for the year of boar


Pigs (2019)

The year of one’s zodiac sign is their 本命年 (ben ming nian). It is traditionally the most unlucky year with trouble and danger lurking at every corner.

Similar to the previous year, Pigs may find luck in some areas of their life, but others will require hard work to avoid potential pitfalls. Pigs will most likely experience many emotional ups and downs, making them feel frustrated and sad at times.

This will not be a transitional year for Pigs, and it is best to try and “stick it out” in situations if at all possible. While that can be terribly frustrating, try to remember that a key element to utilizing your luck is timing. Next year will bear good fruit for Pigs, but the time isn’t right to harvest the fruits of your labor. Instead, familiarize yourself with possible oversights and improve upon them so you may take advantage of similar situations as they occur in the future. This is a key element in many Asian religions, that is to say, you may be stuck consulting the same problem over and over until you solve it.

In order to bring as much good luck as possible to your year, it’s a good idea to attend happy events such as weddings or family gatherings. It’s also not a bad idea to pray for safety at your favorite temples over the course of the year in order to shield yourself from bad luck. As always, try to avoid places with overly negative Qi such as hospitals and graveyards.


Pigs’ 2019 horoscope reveals that changing careers may bring unforeseen consequences, and in most cases should be avoided. Instead, keep your nose to the grindstone and be wary of conflict. Pigs have a way of directly confronting their problems and at times this can impair their ability to see the deeper meaning of an issue. While Pigs can expect confrontation this year it will be best to face these problems with patience and practicality, two tools that are in Pigs “tool belt” but aren’t always utilized when they should be.

The fortune for Pigs this year is somewhat sardonic, as their sign brings luck to a bevy of other zodiac signs, but Pigs themselves are not overly fortunate this year. It’s not a good time to make investments or to try your hand at the casino. However, if Pigs can avoid these potentially large pitfalls, they will escape the year relatively unscathed and in great position for next year.

Luckiest Months: April 8th – July 20th

Unluckiest Months: September 12th – December 2nd


The education forecast for Pigs, however, reveals some good fortune. For those seeking higher education, it seems the stars are aligned in your favor. The 2019 Pig horoscope shows that investing in education will position them to take better advantage of future opportunities.

There will be some potential problems that arise due to administrative disorder, but Pig’s inherent charm will help smooth things over quickly. Remember, “you will catch more flies with honey than you will with vinegar.” Your charm will also help win you favor with your professors, a small factor that certainly helps when they are grading exams.


Health can be rated as a mediocre category for Pigs this year. While there are no major illnesses on your horizon, Pigs will have to pay attention to minor ailments to keep them from growing into something large.

If you feel ill, don’t delay in consulting a physician or healer, this is a major key to staying healthy this year. Other than this, maintain a consistent exercise regimen and a diet made up of healthy, unprocessed foods. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet for an extra boost to your immunity.

It is important to note that your mental health this year may experience some complications. You expected this to be your year, and it may not be working out like you had intended. Don’t be afraid to share this frustration with others as your friends and family can be the key to getting through hard times. If it gets too difficult to bear, seek the help of a licensed professional such as a therapist.


The love forecast for Pigs is also pretty unremarkable for 2019. It seems that while this is not the year for true romance, there will be plenty of enjoyable moments and new prospects during this year. However, it is important to be observant as these opportunities are meant to teach you a lesson about what is and isn’t important in a suitor.

Fortunately for Pigs, the lack of relationship drama means they can focus on making new friends and connections. Extending their network could have a significant impact on Pigs’ future, and in some respects be more rewarding than an intimate relationship. Remember not to be too quick to jump into a relationship as it may lead to more problems than it is worth, focus instead on enlarging your circle of friends.

For Pigs who are already in a committed relationship, it will be important to communicate your desires to your mate. A failure of communication usually denotes the imminent breakdown of other major relationship foundations. In order to prevent this from happening, actively listen to your partner and don’t be afraid to tell them how you feel as well, or you may find yourself harboring some resentment.


Pigs are in for almost an unfair year it seems. This year is about favoring the characteristics of Pigs in order to succeed, but for Pigs, to whom this comes naturally, they will have a difficult year and must practice patience and discipline.

It is important to remember not to be short sighted. You could focus on this year and say it is unfair, or you could focus on the future and realize that this time is meant to set up opportunities for the long term and practice the elements that will make you successful in your future endeavors.


Rats (2019)

Rats have a far better outlook in the Year of the Pig than they did with the Year of the Dog. The ruling Pig is fond of Rats so fortune and luck are sure to come your way; unless the more relaxed vibe of the year is disturbed by too much volatility.

You can expect to be prosperous and happy in the coming months, if you can avoid the bad luck trying to influence you. Stay away from hospitals and avoid going to funerals if possible. Liver problems and flu related illness may abound if Rats are not careful. If you monitor your diet and exercise, you will be strong and healthy all year long.


Fortune favors the bold. Your career will benefit from taking advantage of your new-found luck in the beginning of this year. Recognition and opportunity abound, if you strike while the iron is hot. You will make great progress with your agenda, but some things still will not come until the end of the year, the timing must be right and that simply can’t be rushed.

If you’ve been thinking of starting your own business, this is your year. Businesses focusing on healthy lifestyle, personal hygiene, proper diet, and men’s fitness wear will be especially prosperous.

Don’t be afraid to put your heart and soul into your career. The way you do anything is the way you do everything, and opportunities are waiting, hidden just around the corner.

You may experience some favorable advice from a male friend, don’t be afraid to follow it.

Luckiest Months : July 1st-October 15th

Unsuccessful Months : October 20th – February 3rd)


This will mostly be a good year for Rat’s education. Focus and dedication or going after what you want this year will bring fruition to your education goals. The Year of the Pig will be about working smart, but not necessarily working hard for what you want. You must learn something new every day, and treasure each of the connections that teach you that something.


Your astrology chart shows that a healthy diet is very important this year. There are several unlucky stars trying to influence Rats, and they are most likely to effect your health. There is also a possibility of accidental injury, so you may not want to put yourself in harms way if it is at all possible.

Start stockpiling fruits and vegetables in order to maintain a healthy diet. Really focus on all that you put into your body. Sickness is waiting right around the corner to bring you down if you lose your concentration. Exercise in order to remain strong. Joining a health club could bring more results than just a fast heart rate. And don’t forget to cultivate healthy sleeping habits, after all it is when you are most vulnerable.


2019 will be a fortunate year for single Rats, so make sure you always look your best. Married Rats they may find themselves tempted, so stay peaceful throughout petty arguments and in good favor with your loved one. Be careful what you search for, in the Year of the Pig, you just might find it.

Rats have great chances of finding love in a monogamous relationship; but equal chances of finding trouble through flings, one-night stands, and casual hook ups. You will meet some interesting potential mates, but the setbacks in love may befall you in the end of year. If it is monogamy you favor, then stay the path Rats, temptation can be plentiful and often very rewarding.


2019 is a perfect year for some relaxation and formulating a refreshed perspective on personal agendas. Rats love to be industrious and studious, but this can be troublesome in the year of the Pig. Success will be found more quickly by recognizing the proper time for work, than by working around the clock.

Take time to enjoy a different view, a refreshing perspective can be just the thing you needed all along. This year is about recognizing opportunities as moments that require action and taking that action to get to the next level.

Some luck regarding potential investments may make its way into your life this year. However, be careful not to overplay your hand and blow your savings as this luck may run out. Do not let yourself become your own worst enemy, or your friends for that matter. Be sure to attend weddings in the first month of the year to cement the luck around you.


Cow (2019)

Stepping out of the shadow that was the Year of the Dog, Oxen can expect a more auspicious year under the influence of the Pig. The year ahead will still have its ups and downs but despite the bad signs on the horizon, stability can be expected overall.

Strengthen your bonds with the family and friends you consider closest, this can help to weather the storms of the coming months. Someone in your family may even help further your personal life. Take time to relax and do things you enjoy while you still can.


The Year of the Pig predicts a few curveballs for your career over the coming months. However, it’s nothing you can’t handle; remember that a challenge is simply an opportunity to prove yourself. Oxen favor a workaholic mindset, especially if they can distract themselves from personal problems they are experiencing, however this year Oxen may wear themselves out with their work first mentality.

Oxen business men/women and entrepreneurs will have the most prosperous year, while ordinary workers will have opportunities to demonstrate leadership qualities that may further their careers. Some potential pitfalls are cash flow emergencies, steep competition, and loss of integral personnel. Create a backup plan for these emergencies.

Luckiest Months: February 9th- July 2nd

Unluckiest Months: July 9th- December 10th


Remember to pace yourself this year in your studies. The workload will be more than you are used to, but persistence and creative solutions will help you lesson the burden. Team exercises will afford Oxen the opportunity to manage the group and show leadership abilities by setting a good example.

Take care not to over load yourself with extra classes as a cumbersome workload can offset your mental focus and well-being. At the end of the year, an extra burst of capital will help you belay educational expenses. This is the last gift of the influence of Pig.


Oxen will experience ups and downs with health this year. The beginning of the year comes with the promise of hard work for Oxen but at the cost of ignoring your body. The chance to prove yourself will be fatigued with a minor illness and unfavorable health conditions unless health is consciously monitored.

Make sure to take plenty of vitamins to keep your immune system strong during times of excessive work. Stay away from unhygienic restaurants as food poisoning will be a likely pitfall to compromise your well-being. Monitoring diet and healthy exercise will be paramount in the year of the Pig.


2019 will no doubt be a positive time regarding romantic relationships for Oxen. If you are already in a relationship, it will likely progress and become stronger over the coming months. However, communication problems persistently plague the horizon for Oxen couples. Make sure these problems do not go unchecked as they could be the undoing of it all.

This year will be a good time to get pregnant for Oxen as well, but be patient, this will come at the right time. Wear blue or green jewelry to increase your chances. If you are a single Ox you are likely to find companionship this year, but at the end of your year you may begin to feel more independent. This could hurt or help your relationship, depending on how you act on it.


The challenges over the course of the year will prove to be pivotal in your outlook. The Year of the Pig will stimulate the creativity of Oxen; whether its design, art, creative solutions, or even decoration 2019 will bring out some untapped talent. But do not procrastinate too long, or inspiration and ideas could lose their panache. Traveling will also stimulate Oxen’s imagination in a way that was previously undiscovered; this could be the key to unlocking abilities that lay dormant within.

Socially, Oxen’s expectations are favorable as they reunite with colleagues and old friends that haven’t been seen in a long time. Oxen can have trouble expressing their feelings, but the virtues of perseverance, patience, and reliability give Oxen an added edge in the social landscape.

The tendency to work after its time to give up, or the desire to be stubborn can plague Oxen achievements.

Overall this year will be in your favor. Work hard at work but take the time to sit back and relax so you can enjoy the results of your labor. Too much fruitless labor will work against you in several areas of your life.


Tigers  (2019)

Tigers will have exited the Year of the Dog feeling confident and sure of themselves. However, all the effort from the previous year will bear its true fruit in the Year of the Pig. The Tiger Horoscope shows that this year will hold more productive potential than last year, but at the same time will be testing Tiger’s patience.

This doesn’t mean that success will come easily, rather you will find many helping hands that share your workload and support you when you need it most. Being relaxed, friendly, and gentle this year is the right recipe to attract what you need.


This year your career can expect to see some positive changes come to fruition. Chances are high for promotion or even a raise for those Tigers that are in the business world. For those who are not, they can still expect some acclaim and validation from their superiors and peers alike that will bring them good luck. The key this year for Tigers is to trust your intuition. You are already holding the key to success this year, you have only to access it.

You can expect especially good fortune in terms of financial return this year. Whatever you try your hand at, investments or a new business, you will find luck in your favor and likely be laughing all the way to the bank.

The important thing to remember this year is to save or reinvest your money. Blowing it on meaningless purchases instead of making your money work for you will have some immediate adverse effects. Your money tree may very well dry up before your eyes. We sometimes forget that greed can have a funny way of taking what we have so newly won, especially when we forget the true value of certain things.

Other potential downfalls this year will come in the form of a jealous coworker. One of the hands that lifted you up may also serve to stab you in the back if you are not careful.

Unlucky months : April 7th – August 18th

Luckiest months: September 12th – December 26th


This year you can expect to maintain high energy and a healthy disposition. You should not be afraid to take advantage of this healthy state by pushing yourself; but balance your life with relaxation as well or you could have trouble sleeping. If that happens, there are some potential liver ailments that may surface because sleep deprivation will compromise your immune system, but if you regulate yourself accordingly all will be well.

The Tiger horoscope does show that certain male family members will be susceptible to minor illnesses. Be sure to pay attention to family and make sure that they avoid eating unhygienic food whether at home, or out at a restaurant.


This year will be very positive in terms of education for Tigers. Whether you are attending a university or still in K-12, your strong motivation and attentive nature will advance your class ranking. You are likely to find distractions in the goings on outdoors, whether that is sports or otherwise, and must maintain the right balance of school and play.


The love horoscope for Tigers reveals no significant change for those Tigers who are trying to find their match. You will meet some potential mates, but it is unlikely they will be your ideal partner. Trying to force a relationship with one of these potential suitors could prove troublesome, especially if you get into a relationship before really knowing the person. Instead focus on strengthening your friendships this year.

For those who have already found love, you could find a significant positive change coming around this year. Whether that means wedding bells or baby bassinets is unclear, but you can expect to make progress this year if you are already in a solid relationship.


Generally speaking, only the Pig has enough patience and tolerance to deal with Tiger’s stubbornness and attitude. This year has potential to bring about some major turning points in your life, if you can simply follow your intuition and let go of your stubborn ways. Choose your friends carefully and surround yourself with those who are moving forward in life to make the most out of this year. Be careful to not ostracize any of your close friends by flaunting your success. Stay modest instead of becoming flashy and mind your own business at all times or you may find one of your new friends will become a backstabber.


Rabbits  (2019)

The 2018 Year of the Dog was successful for most Rabbits, but some had a rather dreary year. The Year of the Pig will prove to be much more successful, although it will have its share of downs as well. Be ready to work hard, stay calm, and adapt to a new scenario as the Year of the Pig makes progress on your dreams.

Overall Rabbits should expect the Year of the Pig to bring the blowing winds of change. You can expect development in your finances, career, and with some relationships as well. Your friends are certain to prove themselves valuable this year when they support your success as well as help you when you are down.

Chinese astrology also suggests that you’ll learn to control what you say and how you behave. If you mind your own business and avoid disputes you’ll be much better off in the coming year. You should also be aware of traitorous friendships as they could cause a loss of your hard-earned wealth. Remember to be extra careful when taking trips and excursions.


This year will prove to be a lucky year for your career and finances. If you stay the course and remain focused, your effort and value will be apparent to your boss. That long overdue raise or promotion could be just around the corner for Rabbits.

For those ambitious enough to be their own boss, fortune will favor their endeavors as well. Starting a new career or launching a new business could be the way to even better fortune this year.

As always, there are some general setbacks to avoid. The hard work of proving yourself in your career may be stressful at times. A potential betrayal by a friend or close co-worker could also work against you this year. Just remember, if you focus and stay calm everything will sort itself out.

Luckiest Months: January 2nd – March 13th, September 4th – December 5th

Unlucky Months: March 17th – August 28th


This year will prove challenging for your education, Rabbits. You will get the grades you desire only if you seriously apply yourself and ignore the temptation to socialize or focus on your relationships. The biggest roadblock will come in the form of distractions, but your biggest advantage will be the favor you find with your professors.


If there is bad luck to be experienced this year, it will surely affect your health first. Remember to make time for exercise, as it builds your strength and boosts your immune system. Eat things that have a high vitamin content to diminish your chances of falling ill.

Be sure to stay away from funerals and graveyards over the coming months to further increase your chances of staying healthy. Spend your time gathered with friends in sunny weather, this will increase your energy and bring good luck to you throughout the year.


You will find yourself challenged with your relationships this year Rabbits. Single Rabbits will not have good fortune in finding a mate in the coming year. Still, you will meet plenty of interesting people that will help to shape your idea of the perfect mate.

If you are already seeing someone now, you need to be a bit more patient; rushing into a relationship could result in failure. For married couples this could be a year to start your baby plan, but you also must work on communication in order to fix any issues between you and your beloved.

To increase your luck; Rabbit women should wear white beads or pearls. Rabbit men should wear jade or carry something yellow.


Rabbits’ lifestyle will see many improvements this year. Your good luck will carry you far, but your ability to handle stress combined with your caring and friendly demeanor will push you over the top. This is your year to get ahead, but don’t forget to take time to enjoy the little things and recognize the friends that are always there for you. Appreciating this will help you keep these things in your life for years to come.

Be very cautious in the lunar month of August: theft, bodily injury, and potentially a lawsuit could bog you down. Follow the rules of the road closely during this time to avoid accidents. Your horoscope indicates that one of your family members, particularly the more senior family members, will be susceptible to poor health.


Dragons  (2019)

In 2019, the cerebral and clever approach of the Dog will quickly transform into the direct and unmediated outlook of the Pig. Dragons will surely master this approach and entertain many opportunities this year as long as they stay focused and collected. Maintaining good deeds and charitable acts is equally important to ensure that your luck will last throughout the year.

The Year of the Dog held some challenges for Dragons. It was not without its good moments but this year you will see less obstacles in your path. Several lucky stars shine on your efforts as the Year of the Pig fosters some affection for Dragons. However, you are not wholly compatible with the Pig, so you must learn to be more compliant this year and less stubborn.


Dragons’ career outlook is very favorable this year. Those who work on commission such as salesmen, realtors, or financial advisors can expect a steady increase in revenue and a nice bonus on one of their larger contracts. There is a good chance word of mouth has helped your reputation spread so don’t forget the friend or coworker who promoted your business.

Entrepreneurial Dragons can expect their endeavors to flourish this year. New careers or businesses will be off to a good start, but will be even more successful if you partner up with a Monkey or Rat.

Unlucky Months: July 11th – October 29th

Luckiest Months: January 8th – June 19th


Dragons will see a significant improvement in their studies as your motivation increases this year. If Dragons can keep this up, they will be able to absorb and retain knowledge easily. Consequently, the Year of the Pig is a suitable year for taking exams.

If Dragons become too stressed over their studies, however, they risk altercations with classmates or teachers. In order to stay positive, Dragons must manage their stress accordingly. Relaxing activities such as guided meditation and yoga will help them to stay calm.


There are no negative health threats or serious illnesses on the horizon this year for Dragons. If they are particularly lucky, an existing condition will lighten its burden over the coming months.

For the more senior Dragons, there may be some dietary complications. Be sure to monitor your diet at home and when dining out.


The Year of the Pig will be a “Peach Blossom” year for Dragons, a year lucky in love and full of excitement for those still searching for that special partner. Both male and female Dragons will have their pick from an abundance of eligible mates; but take caution if you are persuaded to have casual flings this year as they may sabatoge long term prospects.

For Dragons who have already bridged this gap and are in a committed relationship, this year will see some checkered success for you. Be careful what you say when you are upset and learn to problem solve by communicating. Some might say miscommunication is the Dragons’ greatest weakness. Do not ignore small problems this year in your relationships as they are the beginning of larger issues to come.

To better your odds in love, Dragon women can wear green jewelry, the more rectangular the better. Dragon men should wear black accessories such as a black watches or belts.


Dragons prefer to dream about their goals and take on project after project. During this year, Dragons must survey their achievements and take some time to enjoy the fruit of their labor. Despite the success you find this year, you must not get caught up. Take time to cultivate your spiritual traits and share time with your family to fill your home with a calmer Qi.

Your health will not give you major cause for concern this year, but you do need to pay attention to minor illnesses. Don’t ignore them; go see a doctor when you are not feeling well. However, frustration over a series of setbacks in your career or finance could increase your stress level, so you must learn to relax and to release your stress. Meditation and Yoga are good approaches to ease your stress. And if you can, go to your doctor and have a checkup sometime this year.


Snakes (2019)

While 2018 proved to be a lucky year for Snakes, 2019 may present a few challenges. Although that doesn’t necessarily equate to a bad year, you will need to work hard to stay positive during the Year of the Pig.

When it comes to problem solving, Snakes instinctively take on a perceptive and analytical approach as opposed to Pigs, who prefers a more direct and intuitive approach. Learn to balance these opposing strategies to navigate the obstacles of 2019.

Stay active by volunteering or offering your services to the community to help balance out bad energy and keep Snakes strong—physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically. You should consider visits to temples and prayers for safety this year.

Spend more time enjoying quality time in the sun, or in warm relaxing settings, rather than dark gloomy places such as graveyards and funerals. Attend more celebratory occasions such as birthdays and weddings; doing so may boost your luck. Practice a straightforward and transparent demeanor this year to keep out of trouble; at least until the latter half of the year when your luck returns.


Although the 2019 horoscope for Snake’s career reveals a medley of obstacles and conflicts along their career path, Snakes will likely get noticed if they persevere and overcome these challenges.

Part-time employees may discover new opportunities along their career path this year. You’ll benefit from seizing the right opportunities when you see them, so be aware and always stay on your toes. All in all, Snakes can expect to gain some positive attention from their superiors at work, but a promotion or raise may not be in the cards this year. But keep in mind, patience is a virtue.

Luckiest Months: March, September 3rd – November 8th

Unlucky Months: April 1st – July 20th and October


2019 will ultimately test the intellect of Snakes. Despite easily understanding academic material, you may find it difficult to stay focused.

Challenge yourself by setting the bar higher than you normally would. Setting difficult goals for yourself will force you to apply your intellect in situations you might normally disengage from. The higher you set your standards, the more you will grow in your pursuit of knowledge.


Your health will not give you major cause for concern this year. However, be sure not to ignore minor illnesses as they could develop into something major if gone unchecked. Listen to your body. When you’re not feeling 100%, pay a visit to your doctor to make sure your body is in good shape.

Stress will present itself as a major culprit of maladies in 2019, especially when it comes to your career or finances. To combat this, you must learn to relax, take time off for yourself, and rebalance your priorities in order to release your stress. Practice stress relief activities such as low impact exercise and meditation.


If you were expecting a whirlwind romance this year, you will most likely be let down. The 2019 Snake horoscope for love reveals that this year will help you introspectively reflect upon what you want and don’t want in a partner, especially the latter. Over the course of the year you can expect romantic interactions to leave you underwhelmed at best. However, these experiences will assist you in better shaping and defining your relationship goals in the future.


2019 presents a challenging year for Snakes, yet the coming twelve months will prove advantageous as you learn to navigate circumstances and redirect them into opportunities. Your immensely sensitive and stubborn ways will prove to be your biggest roadblock this year. If you don’t want to be held back by these characteristics, learn to problem solve by practicing complete transparency and directness in your everyday life.

To keep bad luck away, orient your home furniture towards the north/northeast as this direction will be more favorable for you.


Horses  (2019)

Many Horses savored a taste of success during 2018 (the Year of the Dog), while others enjoyed unexpected windfalls.

The Horse Horoscope for 2019 reveals that a bright star shall shine upon you and surround you with good vibrations. By all accounts, the Year of Pig 2019 will be an excellent year for Horses with fortune on the rise, romance blossoming in the background, and potential growth opportunities.

Be sure to kickstart a healthy lifestyle by eating well and keeping yourself in good physical shape. You may encounter some additional stress associated with high productivity, but if you maintain your healthy habits you’ll be able to keep your stress at manageable levels.


The Horse 2019 horoscope for career shows a great financial outlook as well as furtherance in your career. If you remain passionate and dedicated, you are sure to achieve your dreams and goals.

For those working part-time, you too will be extremely occupied, but in the end will be noticed for your hard work and dedication. In fact, your good fortune may even result in a raise or promotion that you deserve.

The 2019 forecast also shows that this could be a good year to make investments. You will certainly make a profit; however, the money is likely to burn a hole in your pocket when you spend it as fast as you earn it. Still, you shouldn’t worry; as long as you stay away from extremely risky investments, you will have enough money to enjoy a life of added luxuries.

Lucky Months: May 15th – Oct 8th

Unlucky Months: October 15th – December 8th


The 2019 Year of the Pig will be a prosperous year for Horse students and scholars alike. There will likely be some issues around the middle of the year, but you will meet someone who helps you find a ‘missing piece’. Beware of distractions that can come from study partners, lest you fall prey to bad grades in the next semester.

Most importantly for horses in 2019, a part of their once-hidden path to the future will be illuminated. For some, this will be deciding which principal course of study fits them best, and for others it will mean the acceptance of a job at the end of their collegiate experience.


Health prospects have the poorest outlook of any area during the Year of Pig, but it is nothing to worry about.
 More than likely you’ll experience food poisoning or digestive issues, but nothing major. Be sure to pay attention to your body and complete your annual check-up this year. Exercise regularly, maintain a balanced diet, get enough sleep and everything will be just fine.

Another major hazard to your health this year is reckless driving. Remember to wear your safety belt and keep your emotions in check when behind the wheel as you sometimes pose the biggest danger to yourself.


Hold onto your hats as the romantic horoscope for Horses in 2019 welcomes a year full of excitement and good times! Keep your eyes open, because you have a good chance of finding that special someone this year. You will meet an abundance of eligible suitors out there and are likely to be swept up in the passion associated with Earth and Pig. When you see someone that catches your eye, don’t hesitate to make a move.

For Horses that are already in committed relationships, try turning up the heat a little by exposing your deepest feelings. It’s time to move forward in the relationship and getting to the next level will be an adventure.


In 2019, the Horse will see plenty of helping hands assist you. Friends, co-workers, and romantic partners will be very supportive, and will be firmly behind you in all endeavors. Be careful with what you say. Remember, words can be more hurtful than knives, so avoid conflict and disputes wherever you can. Attending more weddings this year will bring more good luck so be sure to send those RSVP’s!


Goats (2019)

While the Year of the Dog had some dramatic ups and downs for Goats, 2019 will prove to be a much more successful year. 2019 heralds good news for Goats as their peaceful nature and gentle creativity make them a preferred friend to the Pig.

The recent years of Dog and Rooster resulted in some challenging times for Goats, which in turn tested their endurance and patience. Just on the horizon, the Year of the Pig and the subsequent Year of the Rat (2020) promise a nice reprieve from the hardships of yesteryears, as well as improved opportunities and good fortune for Goats.

Ready yourself for a fantastic year in 2019 as several lucky stars are on the horizon. Going forward, you will notice that the dice seems to always fall in your favor. Success is yours for the taking in any area you wish to pursue.

However, tread carefully, Goats will be better off in 2019 if they get a good handle on their general moodiness and aim to be more reliable and hardworking, especially when it comes to dealing with substantial issues and subjects.


Goats’ 2019 horoscope reveals good fortune for your career. In fact, you have a decent chance to be promoted or a get raise this year. Make no mistake, you will be putting lots of time and effort into your work, but you will be appropriately rewarded. So, go ahead, give it your best effort and make an impression. Let others and yourself see what you can really do. Now is the time to shine. Meanwhile, if Goats make sudden changes to their lives this year, they may disrupt the stable career prospects for the Year of the Pig 2019.

Luckiest Months: July 19th – November 28th

Unluckiest Months: March 12th – May 27th


The Year of the Pig will give you good results in the field of education. If you put in the hours, you are bound to achieve success in your examinations. Study hard, as students possessing the most knowledge will pass with flying colors. Enrolling into a good foreign institute will also benefit you in the long run.

Students of all disciplines may hit a rough patch; however, every obstacle can be overcome by carrying on with unrelenting efforts and hard work. So, don’t lose hope. The luck factor will also be on your side, so chances are you will achieve success.

You will begin the year with a renewed dedication towards your studies, while your enthusiasm and passion will run at peak mid-year. The last phase of the year will see your interest and dedication revived. If you are preparing for examinations, keep your nose to the grindstone and you will undoubtedly achieve your educational goals. Do not let your resolution waver and rigorously apply yourself.


Goats will be bestowed with good health in 2019. You will be packed with energy, stamina, and excitement. Meeting your friends and siblings will keep you in good spirits. Spending quality time with them will further add to your happiness.

On the physical front, you may be prone to develop trivial illnesses between July and October, including indigestion, eczema, cold and cough, headache, etc.


This year will be a special year for relationships. Right from the onset, you’ll spend an ample amount of time with your love interest and find peace in their arms. This time will help cement the bond between the two of you and create unforgettable memories.

However, your partner may find your moodiness difficult to deal with at times. This is in fact a golden opportunity to win their heart. Use thoughtful gifts and quality time to aid you in this endeavour and strengthen your love.


2019 offers Goats an opportunity to bring order to their life. The realization of your goals will put your future in a good position as long as you plan new goals for the road ahead.

Remember to be kind to others and persevere in the face of opposition and hardships. Be aware, you may find yourself feeling defensive, but be careful how your reactions affect those closest to you.


Monkeys (2019)

The 2018 Year of the Dog had numerous ups and downs for most Monkeys which equated to a breakeven year. This year however, Monkeys can expect better outcomes.

Monkeys share a fun-seeking vibe with the Pig, and this theme will be a prominent feature in 2019 as Monkeys forget the hardships of the past few years.

However, it is important to take less risks in 2019 as the Pig is not as reckless as Monkeys and not prone to radical behavior or mindless fun, which Monkeys are somewhat famous for.


The career prediction for Monkeys in 2019 unveils a fiscally positive forecast for the year ahead. Monkeys will enjoy a solid year of career growth and some positive gains throughout 2019; though it will come at the cost of hard work and determination. Going hand in hand, the financial forecast for Monkeys in 2019 reveals a good year ahead with some unexpected windfalls throughout.

However, there will be some setbacks in your career but don’t let it worry you too much as these losses are temporary. Monkeys will make up for it by proving their worth with their aggressive, yet optimistic nature.

Luckiest Months: September 12th – December 1st

Unluckiest Months: January 8th – June 14th


Education will be somewhat problematic for Monkeys in 2019 with challenges pervading one or more subjects, making this year seem impossible from the start.

However, don’t be dismayed or put off by your troubles. Rest assured, relationships with classmates and teachers will help you pull through this rough patch and you will emerge mostly unscathed on the other side.

Furthermore, it is not advisable to travel abroad, or engage in any work/study programs during 2019.


Unfortunately, the health forecast for Monkeys is the unluckiest outlook on your 2019 horizon. You will have to pay close attention to minor ailments such as colds or the flu to keep them from developing into anything major.

Take time to exercise and maintain a healthy diet to keep your immune system strong. Make sure to maintain your vitamin intake as well for added protection and general wellbeing.


In matters of love, Monkeys are in for a magnificent year as cupid’s arrow will strike with passion during the next 12 months. The Monkey horoscope for 2019 reveals many eligible suitors pining for your affection, regardless of your gender.

The partners most worth your time may surprise you this year as your horoscope reveals that they are already in your social circle either through work or your close group of friends.

Make sure to keep your eyes open and always look your best, but most importantly don’t focus on casual relationships so much that you let “the one” pass you by.

For those Monkeys who have already met their soulmate, this year will reignite your passion for each other and bridge the communication gap that has plagued your relationship of late.

However, be cautious this year not to seem too flirtatious with co-workers or peers as you may be risking your current career or marriage.


The Year of the Pig will no doubt be uplifting for most Monkeys. Your future in relationships and career are advancing to a new level while your health, and to some extent, your educational growth will be challenged.

Monkeys can expect their optimism and willingness to learn from others to help them through the challenges faced.

Lastly, don’t worry too much about what others think this year and do not let yourself be bogged down by failure, or else you may not find 2019 as fruitful as it is forecast to be.


Roosters (2019)

The 2018 Year of the Dog was a difficult year for Roosters.

Fortunately, the 2019 horoscope for Roosters unveils a somewhat more comfortable year ahead. While the coming months indicate that Roosters will have less demands on both their bodies and minds, they also have a mix of bad luck on the horizon as several inauspicious pitfalls may serve to turn this year into yet another run of bad luck.

Roosters will do better to try and relax in times of low stress instead of looking for their next challenge. They should focus on the shining sun and enjoy the moments of leisure that life can bring. These major themes are essential to surviving this year unscathed. Roosters should also try to refrain from spending too much time near funerals or in hospitals as they are bound to absorb some of that bad energy if they do.


Roosters’ 2019 horoscope display moderate luck with regards to your career, but it will need prodding to go in a positive direction. Be sure to seize the initiative and work hard as success will not come easy this year; however, don’t fret as it doesn’t mean that it is impossible. As a matter of fact, there are good odds that hard work will attract the positive attention of your superiors. Through this, you may be up for a raise or even a small promotion.

In the end, Roosters will have to put a lot of effort into making their careers positive this year, but the outcome will be worth it. Moreover, your friends will be of great help to you when it comes to your career and business.

For those Roosters who are working for commission, especially in the insurance and real estate sectors, you must plan ahead and be prepared for a year with big ups and downs. To smooth out the bad times, Roosters must not act impulsively and should not take any chances on large investments, no matter how inviting the opportunities may seem.

Remember not to throw away money on luxury items this year as Roosters may experience rainy days ahead. Try to save up as much as you can. You will be glad that you did.

Luckiest Months: March 3rd – June 15th

Unluckiest Months: August 21st – December 8th


Roosters will not experience the smoothest year in their academic pursuits. Temptation to pursue social exploits instead of studying will consistently plague your scholarly efforts. This is something of a double-edged sword as your friends and peer relationships will help with your studies but can also serve as the source of your distraction. Remind yourself of your goals and surround yourself with driven individuals to succeed this year.


Roosters are more vulnerable to accidents in the Year of the Pig 2019. As such, pay attention to your driving habits, your health, and what you eat. High stress levels are also certain to be abundant this year, so try to keep yourself in check. Stress is often referred to as the silent killer. When you feel pressured, take a deep breath and everything will be just fine.


The love horoscope for Roosters in 2019 shows that there may be some significant changes in your love life. For unattached Roosters, you will discover suitable prospects and learn a lot about yourself while doing so. As for single female Roosters, you may get to experience that famous “love at first sight” experience, so don’t bury yourself too deep in your career or you may risk missing out. Male Roosters should also show off their best talents and traits in order to meet some nice new partners.

As for the married or attached Rooster, you need to be careful of your short temper and try not to fight over the little things. After you’ve had the chance to finally cool down, you will realize that there was no reason to get aggravated in the first place.


Although there will be some discord among your objectives this year, Roosters must stay focused and work hard to achieve their goals.

The most help for Roosters will come from the people in their immediate social circles. So, make sure to surround yourself will people who expect more of you. This will help bring you to new heights and propel you to achieve the goals you desire.


Dogs (2019)

2018 has been quite a tumultuous year for Dogs. Fortunately, things are about to take a turn for the better and provide a much needed reprieve.

While Dogs are generally regarded as protectors, it is they who will be protected this year as the Pig ushers in some much needed fortune.

It’s possible Dogs may feel a bit out of place this year as differences between them and Pig will become evident. Dogs will have to match the Pig’s direct and simple approach to succeed this year and this may take some practice.

Dogs are naturally cautious and analytical, but to ensure success they will have to adopt the more “easy going” and unmediated approach of the Pig in order to seize the opportunities this year holds. There is also a degree of simple charm that dogs will have to learn in order to make the most of 2019.


2019 will be a very good year for Dogs’ careers! In fact, you may discover even your loftiest goals within reach. Achieving them will still take hard work and no small degree of charm; follow the formula “getting something you’ve never had means doing something you’ve never done”. For those looking to change careers this year or start a new business venture, then this is exactly the right time to do it. The stars are aligned in your favour and the Pig is smiling down on you. However, don’t take too long evaluating decisions or opportunities may pass you by. You must seize the moments as they appear for you this year in order to get ahead.

For those dogs who work a 9 to 5 job, your chances of getting a raise or being promoted are highly probable. This is an area where your charm will help you to go that extra mile. Dogs will also get a lot of help from their friends and family this year with their career and especially their new business ventures.

Luckiest Months: January 4th – March 8th, although November will be lucky as well.

Unluckiest Months: April 17th – August 3rd


Fortune favors education for Dogs this year, and it will be a great time to pursue higher education in particular, with study abroad opportunities as well. Dogs will find that they get the best professors and have some great choices in study partners.

Unfortunately, distraction will also abound this year and Dogs are easily distracted. Be sure to keep your nose to the proverbial grindstone as there will always be time for socialization later.


Health is the one area where luck is not entirely on your side. While prospects aren’t great, they’re entirely negative either, rather landing somewhere in the middle. Dogs can expect to suffer from fatigue (partly due to a successful career and busy love life), as well as some lesser ailments such as stomach ache and mild flu.

Take care of yourself by maintaining a daily regimen of productive exercise and a balanced diet. Motivating yourself to reach these small daily goals will have substantial effects that can be felt in other areas of your life as well. Ultimately, you can expect nothing major to befall you and that in and of itself is good news.


Love conditions are favorable this year for dogs. The Pig is a complimentary sign to canines and as a result dogs can expect to either meet that special someone, or if they’ve already met, look towards advancing their relationship.

Single dogs, and particularly women are shown to have the most fortune in this category over the coming months. Don’t be afraid to go out and see what chances await you, the odds are you will be impressed by what you find. Make sure you dress well and take care to make a good impression in all situations, it wouldn’t do to have one of these opportunities pass you by because you weren’t expecting it. This is your sign that good things are coming your way.

Your horoscope reveals that single dogs may already know their most favorable love interest, either through work or casual acquaintance. Don’t be afraid to express how you feel towards people if you wish to access this opportunity.

If you are already in a committed relationship, now is a good time to take things further. Where it goes is completely up to you, but fortune favors dogs who act on what they want this year. If you’re looking to get more serious with your partner or perhaps welcome a new member into the family then the time is now. After all, who doesn’t love a cute puppy.


It would seem that almost everything is set to go your way this year. Be careful of distractions and stay focused, but at the same time enjoy yourself. The Pig is not overly laborious, so in order to succeed this year Dogs will have to follow suit.

Social interactions will be a breeze, but are also the key to getting ahead. Make sure to have a goal when consorting with superiors at work or in a business deal and you will achieve what you desire.


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